Client Information

Your rights

You are entitled to confidentiality and your confidences will be respected. I will only break your confidentiality if I believe that you or someone else may be at risk, I am both ethically and practically bound to do this.

I may, at times, discuss aspects of our work with my clinical supervisor; this is to make sure that you are receiving the most benefit from our work together. The codes of ethics of my professional bodies require that I attend clinical supervision on a regular basis in order to assure your safety and my professional competence. 

If you have been referred by your GP or another agency, I will, with your permission, keep them informed of the course of our work.

Your responsibilities

I ask you to agree to keep me informed of:

  • Any medical treatment or medications that you may be taking
  • Any use of recreational drugs, or any problems with alcohol and or drugs
  • Any safety issues where you or another may be at risk

It is your responsibility to attend sessions at our agreed time.  If attending become problematic for you, please let me know so that we can talk this though.

I ask that my fee is paid at the end of each session, unless we have come to some mutually agreed alternative.

If, at any time you feel that our work together is not helpful, please inform me of this so that we can explore other alternatives/options.

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