Why Psychotherapy?

Please take time to read this important page explaining Psychotherapy.

If you are interested in discovering what may be underneath your current concerns; and understanding what contributes to how you respond to these issues, and how you relate to others, then psychotherapy can be of help. 

Psychotherapy will help you to know and understand yourself more fully.

How it works…

The psychotherapy relationship between you and your psychotherapist develops over time, and as psychotherapy progresses, your unconscious patterns of relating with others and yourself become known to you, as do your unique ways of avoiding particular things, and the ways in which you protect yourself.

These patterns begin to manifest between us as your psychotherapy deepens, and this provides us an opportunity to understand how they developed, and how they relate to your current concerns. You can then begin to experience yourself, and your relationships with others, in a more meaningful way.  This process will help you to understand what is behind anxiety/depression, and can assist in resolving trauma.

To quote Arnold Beisser:
“Change occurs when we become more fully who we are”.

If you have an interest in knowing and understanding yourself in a fuller and deeper manner, then psychotherapy can be very helpful.

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