Frequently Asked Questions

What can one expect from psychotherapy or counselling?

One can reasonably expect to have a clearer sense of what is causing problems or concerns in life and to have a broader range of options to choose from. Metaphorically, this can be seen as a process of illumination. 

Both psychotherapy and counselling are talking therapies and involve a two way dialogue and a relationship in which we both commit to working together in order to further the process of understanding and insight. 

Out of this process it is possible to know and understand yourself in a deeper way and situations that previously caused considerable distress, may be taken more easily in stride and lived with more comfortably.


Who can benefit from psychotherapy or counselling?

Anyone who may be feeling stuck with a particular problem or experience and who would like to have some assistance in problem solving or identifying alternative responses to what has become problematic.

Anyone who would like to gain a different perspective and come to view life and themselves through a different lens.

Anyone who has a desire to understand their unique way of seeing the world and how they react/respond to life, and who would like to become more self-aware.

Anyone who may be experiencing concern about how they see/experience themselves or the world in general, and who would like to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of themselves.

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